Splash of Style — Shoe Game

It wasn’t too long ago that golf shoes, or the show game and casual or business shoes were completely different entities – golf shoes were clunky and heavy and ridden with long metal spikes … obviously not off-the-course attire, unless you were working with the Road Warrior. But the golf industry’s shoe game has evolved steadily over the last decade, as golfers – professional and amateur alike – have started to crave more stylish apparel and footwear, and the line between “on the course” and “off the course” started to blur. The introduction of “spikeless” golf shoes by companies such as ECCO got the ball rolling, and now, in 2018, the spikeless shoe market is seemingly in as high demand as the spiked shoe.

Every major shoe company has at least one “spikeless” shoe line, and most have multiple. Golf shoes have become more sleek and streamlined, and traditional leather has been replaced by a myriad of materials that keep the foot dry and light, while providing stability and support. The wide variety of designs and color schemes have made today’s golf shoes more versatile, as more and more golfers are walking off the course and into the office or social setting sporting the same kicks.

PUMA Ignite PWRSport, $120 | cobragolf.com/puma
PUMA added athletic styling and premium leather accents to its spikeless IGNITE line in creating the PWRSport shoe this year. It is waterproof, super-stable during the swing, and equipped with an IGNITE Foam midsole for the ultimate in comfort and flexibility. Available in four color options.

adidas CrossKnit 2.0, $150 | adidas.com
Built with a casual shoe in mind, the CrossKnit 2.0 features a breathable knitted upper for ultimate comfort, and an elastic closure band for convenient on and off. Certainly the most style-filled of the bunch, adidas is masterfully blending golf performance and unique style, creating the perfect shoe for on- and off-the-golf course.

Under Armour UA Tempo Hybrid 2, $150 | underarmour.com
Produced with breathable, full-grain leather, the Tempo Hybrid 2 easily passes the eyeball test for off-the-course wear, but also provides comfort and support during the swing. The sole is a durable rubber, and the microfiber upper is very lightweight.

ECCO BIOM Hybrid 3 GTX, $200 | us.shop.ecco.com
The king of the spikeless shoe, ECCO, has their most stylish shoe to date in the BIOM Hybrid 3 GTX. A patented outsole provides stability, durability and rotation, and the leather uppers are extremely strong and lightweight. Available in six different color/pattern options, ECCO remains king of the casual golf shoe.

Nike Air Zoom Gimmie, $125 | nike.com
Fully equipped with all the Nike bells and whistles, the Air Zoom Gimmie is a statement shoe. It features a soft, breathable upper with a midfoot strap that hugs the foot for support. The flexible outsole provides easy natural movements with exceptional ground feel.

FootJoy SuperLites XP, $110 | footjoy.com
A timeless classic, the FootJoy SuperLites XP gives you all the FootJoy power in a casual, off-course package. Soft molded rubber traction elements on the bottom provide slip-free performance, and the mesh upper keeps your foot light and cool.